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Mother Crystal
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Mother Crystal
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PostSubject: Guidelines   Guidelines Icon_minitimeSun 4 Dec - 10:50


Etheirys is meant to be an international community of FFXIV players focused on artists, writers and roleplayers. As such, we want to offer a space where people can meet other players in a friendly environnement, not as fast-paced as traditional social media and not competition-oriented.

By its very nature as an international community, members will have different expectations regarding almost everything. Cultural norms, including how to show respect or how to deal with disagreement, can be vastly different from one country to another. The following guidelines are meant to give a common ground to everyone, so we'll kindly ask you to read everything to the end and keep an open-mind when interacting with others.

The official language on the forum is English for practical reasons.


► Etheirys is open to anyone 18 years old or older. Anyone found lying about their age will be banned.

► Posts discriminating or promoting hate or violence against a person or group of persons are forbidden.

► Please do not share identifying information (name, address, workplace or school, etc.)

► In case of conflict, please assume good intentions and try to communicate with each other. If, however, you find it too difficult and need some mediation, feel free to contact someone from the staff and we'll do our best to help you with your situation.

► Doxxing and harassment are forbidden. This includes callout posts.

► NSFW works are authorized in the dedicated board only.


► Your avatar/pfp must be 200*350px max, and you need to have one.

If the file size is higher than 64KB, you can use "Link to an off-site avatar" (third choice in your profile) instead.
To do this, you'll need to upload your avatar on another website first to get the link (such as Servimg or Free image hosting).
If you struggle with this, let a mod know and we'll gladly help!

Your signature mustn't be higher than 200px nor larger than 750px. It doesn't resize them automatically so please don't upload a picture bigger than this.

► In the post body, images are automatically limited to a maximum of 725px if their original width is larger than that. A link is automatically provided to view it in its original size.

Posting on Etheirys

Please take the time to read the rules in each section before posting there. You'll find below a quick summary but it might not cover everything.

Here are the most basic rules to follow:
  • No double-posting (posting twice in a row). Please wait for an answer before posting again in any given thread, unless it's for an update. You have the possibility to edit your posts to include something you might have forgotten.
  • Do not censor your words. We're all adults.
  • Unless otherwise specified, assume that all sections on the forum are FFXIV-related only.
  • If you're unfamiliar with how this type of forum works, feel free to ask in "About Etheirys" or consult our technical tips.

What to tag and where?

In the description when you create a new thread
  • Expansion spoilers (only put the most recent one)
  • Trigger warnings are a courtesy. However if you chose not to use them when they apply, please put "Chose not to tag" instead
  • You can be more specific at the beginning of your post if you want

In your post
You have the possibility to add #tags that can then be used to search for other posts. Much like on the bird site, those can only be in one word.

Organizing events

► When organizing an event, we'll ask you to use the following date format: DD/MM/YY as well as the UTC/GMT format for time zones.

► You can add the local formats too if you want but the rule above is mandatory.

► Here is a quick help (Winter time):
   - London, UK = UTC
   - Madrid, Spain = UTC+1
   - New York, USA = UTC-5
   - Los Angeles, USA = UTC-8
   - Sydney, Australia = UTC+11
   - Wellington, New Zealand = UTC+13

► Click here to find the timezone of non-listed places

"Mother Crystal" is no one's account in particular. For direct conversation with a staff member, please contact Skaar.
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