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 Technical tips

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PostSubject: Technical tips   Technical tips Icon_minitimeFri 1 Mar - 18:20

Technical tips

A forum is a thing many would assume belong to the past, and while if you're here, you most certainly don't think so, it doesn't mean we always remember how it works. Or, in fact, that forums haven't changed a lick since our last use of them. So this is meant as a technical help to everyone, forum aficionados and beginners alike, on how to use Etheirys.

It's by no mean exhaustive and will probably be edited to add more as time goes on and new challenges arise.

How to put an image in a post?

There are several ways:
  • You could use an external website to host them and then post them here between [ img] and [/img ] (without the space) but that takes extra steps that aren't necessary since you can host images much more quickly through the forum
  • An easier way is to look for this menu : Technical tips Menu_h10.

  • A new menu will appear that'll let you upload a pic with a width of 1024px max. It's fairly straightforward and should look like this (mine's in French):

Technical tips Captur15

Pictures are automatically adjusted to fit the forum so no worries about them being wider that the post body, even if you use an external site.

How to quote multiple posts in one reply easily?

  • Above a post, you'll see a text button called "Multiquote". It looks like this: Technical tips Multiq11

  • Click on it for every message you wish to quote. It should change when you do and look like this: Technical tips Multiq10
    That's how you know it's working.

  • Go at the top or the bottom of the page and click on the reply button (Technical tips Reply10) and tada! All the posts you wished to quote are now in your post editor, already in quote format.

Technical tips Captur14

  • You can now reply to each one in one post!
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Technical tips
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