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 Looking for group: template & guidelines

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Looking for group: template & guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Looking for group: template & guidelines   Looking for group: template & guidelines Icon_minitimeSun 4 Dec - 20:35


Here is a template you can follow if you don't know how to make your demand:


I'm on [your server/data center] and I'm looking for a group to [clear x/do treasure maps/do roulettes with/whatever it is that you want from this group].

I can play [role/jobs] and I'm available at [time, UTC format] on [day].

Would anyone be interested?

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Rules to follow

► Please edit the title of your post once you've found what you were looking for (or if you stopped looking) by adding [closed] at the end. We will archive the thread.

► One update per day max.
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Looking for group: template & guidelines
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