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 Template & guidelines

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Mother Crystal
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PostSubject: Template & guidelines   Template & guidelines Icon_minitimeSun 4 Dec - 19:39

How do I introduce myself?

However you want, really! But we did make a template in case you're out of ideas (see below).

No matter how you chose to go about it, please tell us in which color group you want to be: Warriors of Light (blue), Warriors of Darkness (purple), Ascians (red) or Moogles (yellow).

What next?

► Once you've introduced yourself, we'll give you access to the rest of the forum.

► As a member, you have access to the Aetheryte Inn already (a good way to wait before getting access to the rest).

► Feel free to welcome new people too

[b]Your Internet names:[/b] answer here
[b]Age:[/b] answer here
[b]First language:[/b] answer here
[b]A fun fact about your country:[/b] answer here

[b]Pick a color for your username:[/b] blue/purple/red/yellow

[b]Since when do you play FFXIV?[/b] answer here
[b]How long have you been roleplaying?[/b] answer here
[b]How many characters do you have in game?[/b] answer here
[b]Go on, talk about them:[/b] answer here

[b]Do you draw or write?[/b] answer here

[b]What are you expecting from this community?[/b] answer here

[b]Mandatory pet tax:[/b] (it is not, in fact, mandatory)

[b]Where else can we find you?[/b] answer here
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Template & guidelines
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