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 List of questions

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PostSubject: List of questions   List of questions Icon_minitimeWed 7 Dec - 19:33

Questions specifically tailored for FFXIV

  • Why did they become an adventurer? Glory? Money? …?
  • How did they learn to fight? Have they learned other martial or magical arts since then?
  • How good are they at saying “no”? Has it gotten better or worse with time?
  • Are they the kind to ask first or stab first? Was there a time they really should have picked the other option?
  • Where were they during the Calamity? If they were in Carteneau, where did Louisoix’s spell teleport them?
  • What did they think of Hydaelyn in the beginning? Did they change their mind about her since then?
  • What made them join the Scions? What do they think about them now?
  • Do they take the time to rest between missions or do they find a way to keep themselves busy?
  • How do they deal with their fame? Has it changed their relationship with their loved ones? Have they ever been tempted to use their fame for selfish reasons?
  • How do they deal with the pressure of being a or the Warrior of Light? Do they have a ritual to relax and recenter themselves?
  • How do they deal with the knowledge that they’re not immortal but the world will always face some kind of danger? Have they made their peace with not being able to save everyone?
  • What do they think about redemption and forgiveness? Would they forgive an enemy? Would they forgive themselves?
  • Of all the dungeons they explored and the trials they faced, which one left the best memories?
  • Is there any NPC from the game they would consider as a mentor?
  • How do they feel about the Ascians?
  • Tell us about the two major events from MSQ that left the deepest emotional scars on your WoL.
  • What do they think about the Empire? Did their feelings on the matter evolve over time?
  • How should History remember Ilberd in their opinion? Why?
  • What lessons did they learn from their time on the First?
  • Do they believe that, provided all world-ending threats are dealt with, Eorzea could reach a new Golden Age soon?


Prior to ARR/General questions

  • One of the moon changed color and grew in size. What did your muse think of it? Were they worried?
  • Where was your muse when the Calamity happened? Did they lose someone because of it?
  • What is your muse’s opinion about Ishgard’s refusal to join the Alliance in Carteneau?
  • What is your muse’s opinion about the Elementals and the Greenwrath?
  • Does your muse think that Garlemald is a bigger threat to peace than primals?
  • How does your muse feel about war?
  • How aware of geopolitics is your muse?
  • If there was only one lesson from the past people should remember, what would your muse pick?
  • Does your muse have nightmares or specific fears born from the Calamity?
  • In what way did the Calamity affect your muse’ way of life?
  • What does your muse think of all the ruins the Calamity unearthed? Are they or were they tempted to see them for themself?

A Real Reborn

  • Does your muse trust the Grand companies?
  • What does your muse think of the Scions? Would they consider joining the organization if offered? Alternatively if your muse is already a Scion, what motivated them to become one?
  • Is your muse satisfied with the way their city-state is governed? What would they change about it if they could?
  • How did they receive the news about the Black Wolf’s death?
  • Did they know about the Bloody Banquet? If yes, did your muse still trust the WoL or did they think the WoL was a traitor? If you’re playing a WoL, how do they feel about the Banquet and its consequences?


  • What is your muse’s opinion of Ishgard and why?
  • Did they think that sending contingent in the Sea of Clouds was a wise choice or was it a waste of resources better used against dragons?
  • How did they react upon learning the truth about the true origins of the Dragonsong War?
  • Would they trust a dragon now that the Dragonsong War is over?
  • For muses from Ishgard, how much resentment do they harbor toward dragons, nobility and/or the Church?
  • Is your muse welcoming foreigners in Ishgard or, on the contrary, feeling like there are too many of them now that the borders are opened again?


  • How does your muse feel about Ala Mhigo and the refugees?
  • Do they think the Alliance should have helped their neighbor sooner?
  • How does your muse feel or would feel if they knew about Ilberd’s actions and sacrifice?
  • How would your muse treat Fordola if they met her knowing full well what she’s done?
  • Would they pay the Ruby Tithe or try to sail through the Confederacy’s waters without giving the pirates a single coin?
  • What do they think of how Hingashi deals with foreigners?
  • What does your muse think of the Naadam? Do they think it was right for foreigners to participate?
  • Magnai is looking at your muse in the eyes and, after a short hesitation, asks them if they’re his Nhaama. How do they answer?
  • Was your muse in favor of the two doman revolutions against the Empire?
  • What does they think about the destruction of Doma Castle?
  • If, before the events of Stormblood, someone told them Doma would eventually prevail against the Empire and regain its freedom, how does your muse would have reacted?


  • What are your muse’ feelings about the Crystal Tower? Does they know its story?
  • Would your character play the role of villain if it meant doing the right thing?
  • What are your muse’s belief about the beginning of the world?
  • Do they believe someone is pulling the strings and influencing the star’s history?
  • Night just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s been nearly a month and the sky is bright no matter the hour of the day, strange monsters have appeared everywhere and you’ve heard about entire continents being swallowed by a huge wave of light. What do you do?
  • If your muse had been attacked by a sin eater and knew they’d eventually turn into one themself, what would they do?
  • After a century of perpetual daylight, the night is back. What’s your muse’s first thought?


  • How does your muse feel about the current state of the Empire?
  • On the other side of the Ghimlyt Dark, Werlyt is fighting for its freedom. Has your muse heard about Gaius Baelsar’s involvement? What do they think or would think about it?
  • You’ve heard that tempered people can now be cured…by flying pigs. Any thought on that? Any hope?
  • City-state leaders all over Eorzea are reaching out to beast tribes to make amend and make peace with them. Is your muse in favor?
  • There’s been rumors about ominous towers all over the world, or maybe your muse saw them with their own eyes. What’s their theory about how they came into existence? Do they worry about them?
  • Another battle at Carteneau, this time side-to-side with the beast tribes against Garleans and primals. Did you muse hear about it? What’s their opinion on the subject?


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List of questions
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