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 LFRP - Vivace Cadenza

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PostSubject: LFRP - Vivace Cadenza   LFRP - Vivace Cadenza Icon_minitimeFri 8 Mar - 8:35

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Known name/alias: Vivace 'Vivi' Cadenza
Known age: Young adult.
Known origin: He's not from around here.
Known occupation: Interchangably- Farmhand, nomad, messenger, picklock.

Spoken languages and voice: Eorzean, limited Hingan. Sounds a little like Pidge but a little more air-headed and femme. No trace of the typical Rava accent.

Remarkable physical traits: Animal spots along the sides of his face, back, and limbs. Horizontal pupils, sharp teeth. Antlers change based on the season. Transmasculine. See reference at the bottom of this post.

General behaviour: Affectionate, enthusiastic, and high-energy. Clumsy and overeager sometimes, but knows how to quiet down when things get serious. A surprisingly good listener. Vivi is a wanderer and a rascal, and finds himself getting into trouble quite a bit for offenses he would consider minor. He's a fast runner and has a cute face, though, and one of those usually works well. Makes friends easy and keeps them for life.

Known life story: Says he never had a childhood. His adult life has almost entirely been traveling wherever his heart takes him in an attempt to see Everything and meet Everyone. He's yet to be disappointed.

RP hooks:
  • Spare A Bed?: Vivace is terrible at forward planning despite his lifestyle, and so often finds himself on an empty stomach with nowhere to lay his head. Sometimes he finds a generous stranger, and sometimes he finds himself passed out in the dirt. Lend him a hand?
  • Bun in a China Shop: Where Vivi goes, disaster tends to follow. His ditzy nature and complete lack of gravitas means he ends up unintentionally stepping on a lot of toes, be it through oblivious insult or comedic vase-tipping. He can make it up to you, he promises!
  • One Small Favor: A compulsive yes-man, Vivace will always lend a hand to anyone with even the smallest need. He likes to feel helpful! Sometimes, however, one thing leads to another and he makes a promise that gets him in way over his head! Will you help him, or are you the one he's trying to please?
  • A Predator Between the Trees: Not so long ago, a beast of verdant nightmares terrorized the Shroud, slaughtering many unfortunate enough to cross it's path. Until one day, for reasons unknown but to a select few, it vanished without a trace. Whispers speak of the beast wrapping itself in a man's skin, walking amongst the innocent unnoticed, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Mayhaps a hunter receives a tip or finds a trail, leading them to something unexpected?

Relevant OOC info: I have very little experience with forum-style roleplay. Most of my ~10 years has been play-by-post chatrooms or live-action, so I have developed a habit of generally shorter posts than would be considered average here. I will try to match length, as a show of effort and engagement, but I make no promises. I work third shifts, so my active hours are generally the opposite of most people, so expect posts to be no more than once or twice a day as we will probably have conflicting sleep schedules. I am very much someone who plays to lift others, and I have the most fun when facilitating other people to tell the stories they want to tell. Finally, a note: While Vivace is silly, fun, and a little dumb, he is not a joke character. Beneath the airheaded-ness there is a person, with hopes and fears and reasons for being the way that he is. No, he's not secretly edgy or particularly tragic, but he is a person.

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LFRP - Vivace Cadenza
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