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 (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud

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(LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud Empty
PostSubject: (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud   (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud Icon_minitimeWed 6 Mar - 1:40

(LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud Bafkreie3jxxos4zveiipyuqmxlrtwsc3djm6petrx7pdvegea3esa66k2q@jpeg

[[God character, Apex predator and the world is a potential dining table.
A lot of my own lore and head-cannons built on XIV's foundation]]
Baldr IS extremely powerful. He cannot die. He does not willingly engage in conflict with mortals for a good reason and will attempt to dissuade and disengage.
If you as a writer choose to write your character acting in such a manner that would push him into combat with your character, you do so fully accepting the consequences of that action. Baldr does not like to waste a kill.
I am also NOT interested in any ERP. Your character can feel how they feel but it will NOT be reciprocated.
With that out of the way, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Known name/alias: Baldr, Fenrir
Known age: Of an unknown age even he cannot fathom any longer.
Known origin: Once, Hyperborea upon Ancient Etheirys. Amaurot. Now the Black Shroud.
Known occupation: In the past he was a god of his people. He then became the first and only being to hold the seat of Nabriales on the ancient Convocation of Fourteen. Now returned to this sundered world?
One might simply regard him as your local cryptid.

Spoken languages and voice: Any, All.
Understanding him can be a challenge, however. From his thick accent, to words no other being upon the world would know the meaning of.

Remarkable physical traits: Baldr tends to hover his height around 8ft(250cm) and is a shapeshifter. That height can be greater or lower than his usual as he wishes. He also has two shapes that he transforms to the most. One is a great golden eagle capable of easily clashing with the lingering dragons of Nidhogg's brood. The second is an antlered wolf that is called "Fenrir". Fenrir, like Baldr, can vary in sizes from that of griffin to larger than a mountain.
He and the extinct civilization he came from also don't exist off aether, like the majority of the world's inhabitants but instead, Dynamis.

General behaviour: Reclusive but curious. Will avoid contact and confrontation if he can help it. Not out of fear or cowardice, but out of courtesy. Can be befriended and bribed with music and food.

Known life story:
God of the ancient Hyperborean race of Etheirys...
The Contender
The Majestic
The First and only Nabriales of the ancient Convocation of Fourteen.
Now? He is a book titled "Baldr" with empty pages and gibberish, half written stories and mythologies. Panicked scribbles, and rage fueled and warped by calamitous eons. The power of surging life and wrath, unrestrained by the experience and temperance of his old self, and loosed upon the world!
Mostly, he likes to hunt and sleep, his murky dreams carrying him worlds away.

RP hooks:
 (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud 1f3b6 Music: You will never hear him create any of his own, save for those of distant, thunderous howls, but he is drawn to it. Idle plucks of a lute around the nights campfire draws him into the lurking shadows. A jaunty road tune will earn you a hidden traveling companion. Mayhaps if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of gold amidst the green.

 (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud 1f430 Viera: Baldr is very curious about this particular species. Whether they are descendant of his ancient people or not, they are similar enough that nostalgia beckons him to investigate.

 (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud 1f356 Food: He is a constantly hungry being. Thus, he enjoys the hunt. His prey is mostly larger creatures that live in neighboring Coerthas with his favorite being the corrupt dragons of Nidhogg's brood.

 (LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud 1f332 Gridania: Living in the Black Shroud, he often observes Wood Wailers and all the city-state and its wilds have to offer as a pastime. He bullies the Elementals. Playfully harasses White Mages and conjurers, changing the paths of the forest they know into something completely foreign or affecting their magic with his influence.
He will also come to the aid of anyone lost or in unfortunate circumstances.

Relevant OOC info:
Writing a character like this requires a lot of communication from both sides and I love to talk about things and stories and where they could go. It's all I really ask, just talk with me about things!
As for specifics, I am extremely chill when it comes to RP partners, lengths of replies and timing, with a tendency to mirror. What works for you probably works for me. You have weird lore? Me too! Lets have fun and build with our blocks together!

Edited to Add: As I've been relegated to my own little uninhabited corner of the forums, please feel free to contact me via this messenger or even on one of my social medias! I don't feel as if making any starter thread will serve me here, sadly. I am open to different role-plays and am happy to interact with all sorts of characters, however! Different time lines, and even NPC characters are welcome!
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(LFRP) Baldr, Ancient Wild God of the Black Shroud
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