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Artist : Yes
Roleplayer : No
Writer : Yes

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PostSubject: Hello!   Hello! Icon_minitimeTue 5 Mar - 11:57

Your Internet names: Mostly ClyncyeRudje and variants these days, though I'm still sullenplummet on FurAffinity.
Age: 33
First language: English

Pick a color for your username: Purple

Since when do you play FFXIV? I started for real shortly before 6.1 dropped, which I only remember because I did multiple runs of Cape Westwind the last night it was available. (Technically I tried to start during a StB trial period, but I didn't get very far and that character isn't my main these days anyway.)
How long have you been roleplaying? Decades at this point? I think?
How many characters do you have in game? uh. nine. it'll be ten come dt. i'm in a hell of my own creation.
Go on, talk about them: Shayun Ragara is my main, a Veena Viera who is the reincarnation of an Exalted RPG character of mine of the same name (given different name order systems). I also have his coWoLs, Ayulsa Arhou, a lesbian Seeker Miqo'te wizard out to create her own tribe, and A'pple Juice, a wandering healer who is a teeny baby of a Rava Viera. Unrelated to them, there's Xheh Zhwan, a transmasc Keeper traveling with two Sharlayan nerds (the latter are only in-game as his retainers), Baavgai Buduga, an absolutely awful Xaela dude who is still somehow the WoL, and Momoka Fujiwara (not his in-game name), a Hingashi Rava Viera raised by Hyur. For non-WoLs, there's two of Shayun's kids, Baatu Shayunwyn (Ishgardian Xaela) and Yuris Fauchetemps (mixed Elezen/Hyur), who I mostly made because I wanted to dress them up in-game (and in Baatu's case, get them slightly more accurate hair... though the ideal hair for them is unfortunately gender-locked).

Oh, and there's also the self-insert Dunesfolk Lalafell i guess.

Do you draw or write? Both!

What are you expecting from this community? A chill place to hang out, mostly.

Mandatory pet tax: the agony i am feeling that i do not have recent critter photos on this device cannot be conveyed

Where else can we find you? Pillowfort, tumblr, and cohost. 

I am now going to explode.  floortank
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Hear, Feel, Think
Artist : No
Roleplayer : Yes
Writer : Yes

Hello! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello!   Hello! Icon_minitimeTue 5 Mar - 12:06

Hello and welcome!

Please don't explode, you've just arrived ;_;

And that's quite the OCs you have here. Looking forward to learning more about them all!

Don't mind my pfp, I don't bite! (He might though)
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