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 LFRP Biff Guy

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Artist : no
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PostSubject: LFRP Biff Guy   LFRP Biff Guy Icon_minitimeSun 3 Mar - 23:09

LFRP Biff Guy Mr_inv11

Known name/alias: Biff Guy - Mad Biff (all verses), the Warrior of Light (player specific)
Known age: Late twenties, early thirties 
Known origin: A produce farm on La Noscea
Timeline (origin): 1.0 - follower of a WoL as an older teen
Timeline (RP): All ok, default is present (current expac)
Known occupation: Adventurer 

Spoken languages and voice: The Eorzean common tongue (rural La Noscean accent) a little Hingan from his husband (JPN, learning), but can be understood and understand all languages (Echo bearer in all verses). The sound of his voice is a low rumble, husky, with a slightly Gaelic accent. Dialogue follows game examples with added Irish parlance.

Remarkable physical traits: As the CGI suggests and the in game render lacks, he is square, muscular and thick. Bara thick. And even his teeth are square. He stands six fulms tall. There are scars all over his body, most starkly visible on his back. His hair is chestnut brown but, under it, shades of auburn. The scar across his left eye remains to this day.

General behaviour: On the outside, he is sunny, cheerful and affable. He will make clear he wants to know more about the others around him, and easily shares what is on his mind with others when the mood is light. He believes deeply in kindness and strives to treat others kindly in turn. He wishes to make as many friends as he can in life, which could mean you're next!

On the inside, he's actually rather shy and sensitive, which is why he's prone to staying quiet unless context requires more.

Known life story: He is known as a veteran adventurer with an intense, intimidating, impassive stare. It's easy to tell he's from La Noscea when he speaks. Aside from that, there's all sorts of rumors flying around about him - that he's strong as an ox and dumb as rocks! Or that he's a mean drunk and a bar brawler! Or that he's a constant companion and avid volunteer of various tasks. No one can quite agree unless they know him personally - which is why most who don't know him, call him Mad Biff, as in "Ye better not mess with that one! That there's Mad Biff!" 

He might also be known as that random guy who dresses up in all sorts of outlandish outfits. Dude suplexes the gender spectrum. He'd wear an evening gown and a diamond necklace if he wanted. He's queer and he's here, what ya gonna do about it!

RP hooks

Traveler: You could find him sitting around anywhere taking in the scene. He loves visiting places and chatting up strangers to learn more about the area.

Sellsword: He'll have fought in various hunts, alliances and other treacherous battles that require multiple people at a time. Perhaps you've fought together? Alternately, maybe the adventurer's guild has paired you up with a buddy! Or perhaps he's volunteered to take on a bill with you?

Errand boy: He usually doesn't say no to mailing a letter, carrying a heavy box for an elderly lady, or go shopping for a sick mother. Any odd jobs you have around your shops or businesses, he'd be happy to lend a hand. These days he does not ask for compensation, but if you happen to catch him pre-HW, he'd probably expect a little tip or something.

Hobbyist Cook: He is learning how to make people food for his family, since neither him nor his husband knows how to cook well. Currently, he really only knows how to grill steaks, scramble eggs, bake apple tarts and brew copious amounts of tea. He will gladly take an interest in anything the culinary inclined have to say!

A Good Listener: He loves to inquire people's stories and hear anything they'll have to say. It could be as easy as telling a friendly stranger something you can't tell anyone else. 

Barfly: This one seems self explanatory. I mean, the guy loves booze and company makes it better. He will respond well to a simple "how ya doin" from anyone in the pub.

Diplomat: He's interested in world politics and wants to make the world a better place. This mostly manifests in him asking others what they think, but has strong opinions if you're to ask his opinion. Probably best if avoided. He'll also volunteer for causes that other people have raised.

Relevant OOC info

I tend to write exactly as much as I think is necessary. That might mean mirroring, but it also might not, depending on how much meat (like specific details about the other person's actions) I'm given. I don't have high expectations because I'm not here to judge anyone's actual writing skill.

I look more at the balance of chemistry between characters. If they take interest in one another, or if they get along with each other well enough that no one feels like they're pushing a boulder up a hill - those things matter a lot more to me. If I have to pull teeth to get your character to engage with mine, then I lose interest. You just can't high-five with one hand.

Etiquette wise, think of me as the neighborhood Asian Auntie. You wouldn't tell dick jokes to Auntie Ji, would you? (At least, I hope not.)

♫ there's no chance unless you take one ♫
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LFRP Biff Guy
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