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 LFRP - Lamont Laclaire

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PostSubject: LFRP - Lamont Laclaire    LFRP - Lamont Laclaire  Icon_minitimeSun 3 Mar - 22:53

LFRP - Lamont Laclaire  Lamont13

Known name/alias: Lamont Laclaire
Known age: 200 or so, but he's lost count.
Known origin: The Skatay Range
Known occupation: Unemployed. He just sort of manages on his own.

Spoken languages and voice: He speaks common Eorzean and some level of Dragonspeak. His voice is deep, with an Icelandic accent. His speaking patterns are very curt, and his tone is quite flat. Due to age and partially dragonstuff, his voice can come across as grizzled or growl-y.

Remarkable physical traits: He is somewhat of tall statue, standing at about 6'3 ish. This is diminished slightly by the fact he has a little bit of a slump. His hair is long, tangled and wavy. It hits around his tailbone.
His most notable feature would be the scales dotting his skin. They grow from his neck, hands, legs, and parts of his torso. Their texture and hardness is similar to that of Au'ras scales. His nails sharpen to a point. He prefers to hide these features though.

General behaviour: I would describe him as a begrudgingly wise, sarcastic hermit. He is cranky in the same way someones grandfather might be. He might complain about it, but he's going to help and care regardless. He has razor sharp wit, and doesn't hold back the punches when calling something out. 

He is deeply introspective, partially due to his long time in isolation. He may come across as cold and suspicious at first, but behind that facade, he relishes human contact. He has a hard outside, soft inside.

Known life story: Once a well-respected Wood Warder and mage, Lamont attained a mysterious curse in his hubris as a mage. It melded his soul with an unsuspecting dragon, causing the two to share both body and soul. Although he tightly held control at first, it would not stop the curse from manifesting, both physically and psychologically.

Exiling himself from his duties as a Wood Warder, he began to live in the remote mountains of the Coerthas Western Highlands. He currently lives in a cabin, helping stray adventurers and selling his wares from time to time.  

RP hooks:

 A place for respite : If your character finds themselves lost in the freezing highlands, Lamont will never turn them away. If they need a place to warm up and have a meal, he's your guy

 Doctor or Academic?: If your character studies or treats aether corruption, Lamont is a font of knowledge. He is always willing to try anything to help his case.

Ishgardian Knights: Looking the way he does, he's not overly popular with the knights stationed there. If your character is suspicious of heresy or dragon-kind, please feel free to bother him about it!!!!

Re-learning magicks : As a result of his curse, he had lost the ability to wield magicks some time ago. Although, as he comes to peace more with his curse, he finds that ability returning. He is always happy to get in touch with mages to re-learn his skills.

Fellow drwagon???? : Any characters who also have relationships or bonds with dragons, he's likely to get along with.
Even if a hook isn't on this list, i'm always happy to brainstorm ideas and come up with something!! If you think they'd have a fun or interesting dynamic, i'm always willing to work something out. ^_^

Relevant OOC info: I do generally mirror, but depends on the case! On average, i tend to write about a paragraph or so although i'm happy to mirror!!
 Im quite new to forum RP, so i'm also very happy to RP in discord or messages. Romance isn't off the table for this guy, but i'd like there to be a bond first :3
This character may come across as a grump at first, but he will warm up.
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LFRP - Lamont Laclaire
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