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 Inge Sjasaris

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PostSubject: Inge Sjasaris   Inge Sjasaris Icon_minitimeSun 3 Mar - 18:11

Inge Sjasaris Inge_l10

Known name: Inge Sjasaris
Known age: Doesn't tell, but relatively young for a Viera
Known origin: Golmore Jungle
Known occupation: Adventurer, alchemist, botanist

Spoken languages and voice: Not one to raise her voice easily, Inge speaks softly and always with intent. She doesn't partake much in small talk and expect people to listen when she does speak. Her tone is usually friendly, and one can guess a hint of foreign accent when she speaks Common, though it's discreet enough as to not raise attention unless she gets nervous or passably pissed off.

Remarkable physical traits: She's got curly hair (and fur), with a haircut similar to this. Outside of that, you'll rarely—if ever—see her without the circlet on her forehead. She had it made for her years ago and never takes it off.

General behaviour: Collected and prone to sarcasm when the situation goes to shit, Inge's in her element in chaos. She loves the adventurer life and avoids going to the cities as much as possible. The Vieran healer will help anyone in need, regardless of what she thinks of their behaviour, but under the friendly face hides a person who'd rather lose an arm over showing vulnerabilities. It takes a long time to truly befriend her, despite her propensity to put herself in danger for others.

Known life story: Not much is known about her prior to the Calamity. She came to Gridania about two years after, quickly finding herself at ease among the locals despite their reticence to welcome outsiders. About three years after, Inge was sent on a mission with several savants in order to cartography the West Shroud, ravaged by Bahamut five years prior, and give an appreciation of the state it's currently in. Her life has for a while been a dance between going back to this and more pressing matters, like fighting alongside the Alliance, until one of the men she worked with disappeared. She's now looking for him, fearing that he's became a Blasphemy, although her search has yielded no result so far.

RP hooks:
Arrow Castaway: Buscarron may have put you in contact with her, or maybe you just met her deep in the forest, away from the 'protection' offered by Gridania to the Keepers and Duskwights of the forest. Be it for healing, purifying rituals or more pragmatically buying stuff in Gridania for those who can't go there safely, Inge's likely to help or have helped already.

Arrow Adventurer: Miounne is usually the one that puts her in contact with other adventurers that need a healer. Inge, however, refuses to work with beginners, as her fighting style relies a lot on enhancing abilities and could be dangerous to people that aren't experienced fighters.

Arrow Fighting for the star: Like many other adventurers/sellswords, Inge's fought alongside the Alliance when their armies weren't enough. You might have met her on the battlefield, either when she went to pick up the wounded or took care of them in the infirmary.

Arrow Traveler: The life of an adventurer is one of many travels, so it's not really difficult to find a ways to meet her on the road and from there see where things go.

Arrow Another Viera: Vieras, especially Rava Vieras, will always been special to her. She's likely to warm up faster to them, provided their moral compass isn't too broken.

Relevant OOC info: As unconventional as it may be, I only mirror to an extent. My hands hurt when I write so I tend to keep my RP short and to the point, although I'll always give you something to bounce off.

ERP isn't a thing I'm interested in, even though Inge herself is sex positive and not extraordinarily picky. Fade-to-black is fine but it won't go further.

Romance isn't entirely off the table, but it took the end of the world for her to tell her wife she loved her so I hope you're not in for fluff because if so, she's not the one for you xD She's also very independent and has no wish no spend a lot of time with her partners. Simply knowing they're in good health and visiting from time to time is enough for her.

Don't mind my pfp, I don't bite! (He might though)
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Inge Sjasaris
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