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 LFRP: Khanah'to Rabntah

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PostSubject: LFRP: Khanah'to Rabntah   LFRP: Khanah'to Rabntah Icon_minitimeSun 3 Mar - 15:52

LFRP: Khanah'to Rabntah Ffxiv_11

Known name/alias: Khanah'to Rabntah (responds to Khan)
Known age: 28
Known origin: Prone to bouts of wanderlust, but generally converges in Ul'dah or Costa del Sol
Known occupation: Mercenary

Spoken languages and voice: Common, and of inconsistent quality. A little bit of a scratchy voice that sounds almost like he's consistently purring or growling, dependent on his mood.

Remarkable physical traits: Immaculately well toned; it's evident that Khanah'to puts in significant amounts of work into keeping his body in as close to perfect shape as he can get.

General behaviour: Depends entirely on location and circumstance. If in a work mode, he's quiet, makes it a point to blend in, and hides in plain sight, speaking minimally and communicating through gesture more than the spoken word. If he's in a play mode, he's coy, flirty, and a thrill-seeker, looking for the next big distraction or way to spice up a night.

Known life story: Khanah'to gave up tribal life when his mother was disappointed that she got a second son, rather than a second daughter. His work life is largely kept secret and by choice; he'd rather blend in or point out that he's just some "honest scoundrel" street rat with a "work hard, play harder" mentality.

RP hooks: Here's a few hooks you could use for the gambler:
  • Mercenary Work: He's often hired to watch over people as they travel. His ability to blend in to almost any surrounding makes him a keen bodyguard, striking when necessary and retreating to give his client a sense of privacy.
  • Gambler: Khanah'to loves gambling. He's often seen at the Gold Saucer or other gambling halls for games of chance.
  • Deep in his Vices: Khanah'to has baggage that he doesn't like to talk about, and as such, he'd rather drown his sorrows in alcohol, drugs, or one-night-stands.
  • Street Rat: You might have noticed him in the alleys of the city-states, watching out for things that shouldn't be happening. You might have noticed him spending entirely too much time doing what appears to be nothing.
  • Exercise Fanatic: If you're at Costa del Sol in the earlyish hours of the morning, it's highly likely you've seen this redheaded catboy jogging the beach or swimming. It seems he does this almost every day.
  • Much Lesser Known: Khanah'to is also an assassin. Please discuss this one with me beforehand.
  • Much Lesser Known: Khanah'to is also a heist thief. Please discuss this one with me beforehand.

Relevant OOC info: I tend to be a mirror partner more often than not, but sometimes I get wordy with this one. I am not picky about how often you respond, but I do check the forums every day. I suffer a bit from long covid brain fog, so I don't always have the energy to respond or write, but I try when I can.

Khanah'to is sometimes violent, and sometimes, dependent on who he's attacking and why, can be borderline psychopathic in how he "deals with" certain targets. This might be a squick factor for some, so if such would bother you, let me know OOC beforehand and I can tone things down.

Khanah'to has self-image issues and sometimes they manifest in genuinely uncomfortable ways. He has a bit of an eating disorder of sorts.

Khanah'to is very flirtatious and sex-positive. I can tone this down if necessary; just ask me OOC beforehand and I can do that for you.

If you are looking to try and romance this scoundrel, I should warn you that his baggage causes him to be very romance-averse. I'm not against shipping with him-- in fact, I'd love to see it happen and see him grow from his past complications-- but should warn that it will not be a quick or easy process.
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LFRP: Khanah'to Rabntah
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