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 LFRP: Vhas Amariyo

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PostSubject: LFRP: Vhas Amariyo   LFRP: Vhas Amariyo Icon_minitimeSun 3 Mar - 15:38

LFRP: Vhas Amariyo Ffxiv_dx11_2023-09-03_10-19-42

Known name/alias: Vhas Amariyo (sometimes responds to "Vha" instead)
Known age: He claims he "lost count after 30".
Known origin: Lives in the Goblet.
Known occupation(s): Voidsent hunter, fashion designer

Spoken languages and voice: Common, and some conversational Xaelic thanks to his wife. Calm, smooth baritone voice.

Remarkable physical traits: Vhas is terribly, notably scarred up. If you see him without a shirt on, his chest, stomach, back, and arms are littered with dozens, if not hundreds, of light, silvery marks, with a few angrier red marks along his right shoulder, left hip, and right shoulderblade.

General behaviour: Easygoing smiles, calm, casual demeanor, carefree flirtatiousness, and a tendency to act as a therapist even when not prompted to. Adores building people up when they need it. A shameless hedonist, though can be serious when the situation calls for it.

Known life story: Vhas was a former fashion designer and used to run a design studio and tailoring shop until his life took a turn and his studies of his adoptive father's works turned towards the Void. He sought out specialized training to enable himself to safely continue his studies, intent on ensuring his adoptive father's heritage didn't die with him. He's otherwise fairly secretive with his life story at first until you earn his trust.

RP hooks: Here's a few things that could be used as hooks:
  • Voidsent Hunting: Do you have a voidsent problem that needs dealing with? Are you trying to deal with that Voidsent Problem and you need help? Vhas literally has trained himself to be the scythe that reaps those problems away.
  • Former Fashionista: Vhas may not have his fashion studio any longer, but maybe you've heard of VA Fashions before and want him to make something for you. He still does small-time, private commissions, after all.
  • The Club Scene: Vhas is still a shameless hedonist. Maybe you're out at a venue and you run into the viera, who always dresses to impress and just want a night on the town.
  • Devotee of Menphina: Vhas is polyamorous, is in an open poly marriage, and has been through the wringer when it comes to romance. He's always been the go-to guy in his friend circle for advice and counsel on love, sex, relationships, and poly, and is always happy to help someone find clarity.

Relevant OOC info: I tend to try to be a mirror to my RP partner's post length. I'm not very picky about how quickly you respond to RP; I generally state that "words don't have an expiration date" and I'm generally extremely forgiving about that. I don't have "friendship decay". I usually check this board once a day, even if my energy is low and I cannot post. I'm recovering from covid and am suffering from long covid's dreaded brain fog, so I might not always be able to respond promptly-- but I will try.

Vhas is a very flirtatious, sex-positive character, but that does not mean I'm going to try to push scenes to an erotic extent. If Vhas' flirty nature makes you uncomfortable, just let me know OOC and I can tone him down.

Vhas has an unorthodox view on death. He is sometimes violent. If this is something that might make you uncomfortable, please let me know OOC and I will try to rein it in as appropriate.
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LFRP: Vhas Amariyo
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