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PostSubject: Guidelines   Guidelines Icon_minitimeSat 2 Mar - 23:04

Shared verse

Roleplaying in the shared Etheirys verse means following a few constraints to make sure that our version of FFXIV universe is, well, shared between us. This is meant as a common ground to help develop relationships between the characters.

Out of character

Like a Star @ heaven Please post your character introduction in here (mandatory).

Like a Star @ heaven There's no limit to the number of threads you can open, nor the number of characters you can play here. We will only ask you to please be reasonable.

If you know you have a busy month ahead, maybe don't open ten new threads right now. The excitement will soon die down if you can't keep up and start stressing out about making your partners wait.

Like a Star @ heaven If there's an issue with one of your threads, let your rp partners know about it. They might be able to edit their post to help you reply more easily, etc.

Like a Star @ heaven Please do not write your partners' character for them. Your post should stop before their character reacts.

Like a Star @ heaven Unless you have an explicit agreement with your partners, do not hurt badly or kill their character.

Like a Star @ heaven On the other hand, be fair and don't throw your character in danger if you refuse to let them face the consequences of their actions. That goes from refusing to let them getting hurt when they provoke literal criminals to somehow miraculously making them better than everyone else whenever they're at a disadvantage.

Like a Star @ heaven If you're new to RP and have more questions, feel free to ask in this board.

Shared verse: specifications

Like a Star @ heaven Please do your best to respect the internal logic of FFXIV universe. We're not picky about the details (like how many awesome pirate crews there are in Limsa or how common Vieras truly are), but the canon lore is our common ground. FFXIV being a game where high fantasy cohabits with science fiction, it shouldn't limit your options too much.

Like a Star @ heaven As of the beginning of Dawntrail (patch 7.0), we're at 9.5 years after the Calamity. Each expansion took one year in character, except for Shadowbringers (six months).

Like a Star @ heaven The MSQ happened the way it did in game, just not in a time bubble.

Like a Star @ heaven No canon characters are allowed. Neither the WoL, which in this verse is Meteor Survivor (who knows what their real name might be), nor NPCs.

Like a Star @ heaven If you've chosen to expand on one part of the universe, feel free to share your headcanons here so people can include them in their RP if the subject comes up.
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