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 Scales Commissions

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PostSubject: Scales Commissions   Scales Commissions Icon_minitimeFri 1 Mar - 22:55

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I've been doing a pretty good job of getting commissions done lately, but I'm also pretty motivated to get them done, truth be told. It's not often that I open commissions, and my biggest reason right now is that I'd like to support my dad and stepmother at this time.

Recently, my dad had a hospital visit for seizures, and later other things that the doctors ended up finding. So all of my commission income is going towards making life easier for them as best it can.

I have two heads up notes to give those that are interested!

  • I've recently learned that I've been dealing with ADHD for quite some time. Sometimes this stagnates my progress because sometimes I literally want to do anything else that isn't work. I do my best to keep as focused as I can, though I do have to ask for patience and understanding if maybe it feels like I'm taking a bit longer than anticipated.
  • I have color sensitivity. I do my best to work with very saturated colors, but staring at highly saturated colors strains my eyes and sometimes gives me headaches. So if there are times where something doesn't look as colorful as you feel it should, that's a big reason why.

Due to the aforementioned ADHD, it's easier for me to maintain my slots when I have three open at a time. It feels manageable and not so overwhelming as having, say, five or even ten like some other artists do.


  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN

PayPal / Ko-Fi information will be given once sketches have been completed and approved to move forward with for completion.

Half payment: OK (works done with half payment upfront will be heavily watermarked until payment is complete).
Upfront payment: OK

NSFW: OK (will not do Lala NSFW)
WoL/OC x Canon: OK
Hrothgar: Please be patient with me
Mecha: NO

#art #commissions

Scales Commissions Bars4-10

Emotes :: $10 per

Scales Commissions 14f58c962fc0565845e17786a3a4234b39f69511

Sketch Lineart :: $20 Bust // $30 Half Body (+$10 for additional character)

Scales Commissions 11e89509333952cb13610448d307b3c9eb74dd0c

Chibi / PaSwG Style :: $35 (+$15 per additional character)

Scales Commissions 9f268c4d9f60c58cbd6643671b68f0f9ee9d0184

Full Color :: $60 Bust // $85 Half Body // $110 Full Body (+$30 for additional character)

Scales Commissions 9ee7ca8c87cd4103339e968d32482a99ef3c85a6

Scales Commissions Bars4-11

Scales Commissions Nomin_15
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Scales Commissions
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