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 How to...?

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Mother Crystal
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Mother Crystal
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How to...? Empty
PostSubject: How to...?   How to...? Icon_minitimeMon 5 Dec - 17:10

How to...

... deal with bigotry/discrimination?

► If you intend to respond, do so calmly. If you don't feel like you can remain calm, while understandable, we will ask you to step away and refrain from responding at all.

► Don't pile up on the person. There is no need to turn it into a 5 vs 1 fight.

► We encourage you to contact the staff so we're aware and can intervene.

► We might lock the thread and talk to the person in private to fix the issue. There will be no report done publicly.

... act when squicked or triggered?

Was the work of fiction tagged in accordance with our rules?

  • Yes: hit the "back" button.

  • No
    Kindly ask the person to tag their work as they should have.
    Do not attack or harass them.
    In case they refuse, contact a moderator or administrator so we can take over.

... offer constructive criticism?

Did the person ask you to?

  • No: Just don't.

  • Yes
    "The lighting is great but I feel like the composition puts too much emphasis on X instead on Y."
    "I felt confused reading [this part] of the story."
    "The repetition of the word XXX didn't work for me and broke my immersion."
    It is better to speak about your experience and your feelings, but avoiding presenting them as truth or facts.

"Mother Crystal" is no one's account in particular. For direct conversation with a staff member, please contact Skaar.
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How to...?
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